We support culture
We support culture
We support culture
The Echo-Son company has been strongly supporting the activities of local organizations operating within the broadly understood culture for many years.

We work mainly with Puławy Culture Center „Dom Chemika”– The organizer and inspirer of very interesting concerts, exhibitions, recitals, etc. In 2014, the company Echo-Son She got a cup „A friend of the Puławy Cultural Center”  .

We also sponsor concerts and artistic events taking place in other places in our city, not only on the stages of the Culture Center.

Sample events supported by our company:
XI Puławy Summer Blues - Puławy 2017
"Danuta Błażejczyk Benefis - Puławy 2016
Pulavian Blues Festival " - Puławy 2015
"Drawing Mikołajki" - Puławy 2013
Summer art workshops - Puławy 2013
Pulavian Blues Festival Puławy - 2013
Pulavian Blues Festival - Puławy 2012
Olga Bończyk's recital - 2010
Pulavian Blues Festival - Puławy 2011
Concert of the Voo Voo band
III Pulavian Blues Festival
Live jazz stars